La mise à jour 0.24 est disponible

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Re: La mise à jour 0.24 est disponible

Message par Gamb » 24 juillet 2014, 11:25


De mon point de vue, ils n'ont pas à créer le contenu mais les outils pour les modeurs, cette 0.24 à l'air totalement dans cette optique, je me trompe ?
J'ai pas test la 64bits, je pense que mon steam lance le 32 mais j'ai vu le binaire 64bits dans le dossier du jeu, vos retours ?


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Re: La mise à jour 0.24 est disponible

Message par sam21 » 25 juillet 2014, 00:12

Je viens de voir qu'il y avait un patch de sortie, la 0.24.1
0.24.1 Revision Patch Available
Community Announcements - HarvesteR


We've just released a small revision patch for KSP, version 0.24.1.

This patch contains several small and some not-so-small fixes, tweaks and minor improvements, as well as a few things that were requested by mod-makers.

Here's the complete changelog:

===================== First Contract (v0.24.1)

Bug Fixes and Tweaks:

* Fixed a relatively serious issue with module loading which could result in missing modules if loading old craft.
* O-10 Maneuvering engine scaling was off. Engine rescaled to proper size (smaller).
* Fixed an issue with propellant-defined resource flow modes which prevented some configurations of Vernier engines from working correctly.
* Fixed an issue with some decoupler modules failing to apply ejection forces when activated.
* Fixed missing FX components on root parts after resuming a saved game or reverting.
* Fixed a potential issue with the internal maths in ModuleRCS, which could result in odd RCS response from center-aligned or stack-mounted RCS modules.

* Fixed an issue with the App Toolbar where mod apps wouldn't display/hide properly at the VAB.
* Fixed an issue with custom staging icons and switching vessels.
* Fixed an issue where the Messages Dialog in the VAB would drift out of place when discarding many messages.

* Fixed a bug in Rescue Kerbal contracts, where rescue by means of external seats or claws wouldn't complete the contract.

* Fixed a save-related bug which made the Orbiting 101 tutorial impossible to complete.

* Fixed vessels not leaving 'pre-launch' condition during take-off roll.
* Fixed a very annoying and potentially destructive bug where approaching another vessel could mess up your control state.

Game Balance:
* Tweaked costs for several spaceplane and aerodynamic parts:
- Advanced Canard: 900 -> 800
- Standard Canard: 1500 -> 720
- Delta Wing: 500 -> 680
- Swept Wing: 500 -> 620
- Wing Connector: 500 -> 560
- R8 Winglet: 500 -> 640
- Structural Wing: 500 -> 540
- Aerodynamic Nose Cone: 680 -> 240
- C7 NCS Nose Cone: 680 -> 320
- Rocket Nose Cone (large): 1000 -> 450
- Standard NC (small): 680 -> 180

* Added IPartCostModifier interface, to allow part modules to tweak a part's cost.

As always, you'll find the new patch over at the KSP Store in zip or installer formats, or if you're on Steam, you should be auto-updated shortly (assuming you haven't turned off automatic updates, in which case you probably know what you're doing).

Happy Launchings!

Voila d’après ce que je comprend c'est surtout quelques petites correction de bug etc.


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